What is Gelibility gel polish?

Gelibility gel polish is the worlds premier make-it-yourself gel polish. With Gelibility gel polish, you can use any regular nail polish to create your own custom gel colors. You no longer need to purchase numerous
and expensive gel polish colors.


How do I use
Gelibility gel polish?

Please refer to our Apply It section under the How To page for step-by-step directions.

Does Gelibility contain formaldehyde?

No, Gelibility is “5 free” and does not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene, or camphor.

Can I mix larger quantities
of Gelibility gel polish?

Gelibility gel polish is specifically formulated to be mixed in small quantities and used immediately.
We cannot guarantee the shelf life
if mixed in larger quantities.

Will Gelibility gel polish strengthen my nails?

Gelibility gel polish is a coating that can make your nails feel stronger and more resilient, but will not improve the actual health of your nail. With proper use, Gelibility gel polish will support your nails so they are much less likely to chip, or break.

Can I use a different brush than the polish brush to mix and apply Gelibility gel polish?

Yes. The polish brush is easiest for
most to apply nail color, but any
brush will work.

While I applying Gelibility gel polish color coat, it got thicker
as I was using it.

Remember, Gelibility gel polish cures under light. If your table light is LED, or the room is lit with LED light, it can start the curing process. This is also true if you are working by a window, or out in sunlight, or if you mixed Gelibility gel polish in front of your curing light while lit. If you have no choice but to work in a room lit by LED, only mix enough color to cover 1–2 nails at a time and you will be able to cover the nails before the color coat begins to cure.

Some of the nails had
light and darker areas.

Dark colors sometimes require 3 coats to evenly cover the nail. Remember, the light must penetrate the color to cure, so again, apply very thin coats.

A couple of my nails looked wrinkled after I cured the color coat, why?

Any gel polish can wrinkle if applied too thick. Sometimes simply applying a coat of Fix It gel as a top coat and curing will smooth the appearance of the nail.
If not, remove the cured Gelibility gel polish from the affected nails and repeat process using very thin coats.

I applied the color coat, but when I tried to go over it
again with more color before curing, it removed some of what I  just applied, Why?

Each coat must be cured to properly layer the color. If this happens, go ahead and cure the nail, and proceed with the next thin coat.

I used a light color polish and the color seemed a bit diluted, how can I fix that?

The most important thing is that your Gelibility gel polish cures completely.  Light must be able to penetrate the product. A 50/50 ratio is recommended, however, with lighter/sheer colors only, dilution of the color can be fixed by mixing a slightly larger amount of polish with your Gelibility gel polish. Do not exceed a 60/40 ratio.  Also, apply an additional thin coat of your Fix It/polish mixture to deepen the color.

How do I remove
Gelibility gel polish?

You can remove Gelibility gel polish quickly and easily! Check out our Remove It section under the How To page for step-by-step directions.